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Horse Play

Ernest Cadegan

sunshine crows

Michael Meek

Montreal's planetarium

Robert Tremblay

Sudhindra Podder

Sudhindra Podder



White Orchids with Bud

Nathan Leonard Kern

Country Life in Winter

Barry Dickieson

The Chester Clock

John Long

Thurmond WV

Casey Szocinski

Guard Stone


Big step for a photog

Luka Ban

sunset trees

Iwona Plucner

Big Dipper

Pat B

Fresh Snow and Sunshine @ the Bar-U Ra

Barry Dickieson

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Dennis Puccio

White Horse

Ernest Cadegan

Kiss & Make Up

Nathan Leonard Kern

Why My Grass Has Bare Spots

Ruth Rittichier

Still Treow


Sequentia Lumena


A resting Bald Eagle

Gerald Litynski

The full Moon on 18 Dec. 2013

Jerry Litynski

Captured Red Handed

Gerry Vrbensky

At the feeder #22

Ernest Cadegan

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