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Hunting Island State Park, SC

Steve Owen

City on infrared

Paulo C S Lopes

Mountain in the Mist

Chris R. Speaker

Another Oldie

J. Rogers

Snowscapes #262

Donald Macmillan Alias

Irish eyes are smiling

Michael Meek

Princess being adviced by the Wisdom F

Luka Ban

Indiana Winter

Julie M. Dant

Winter Blues

Mo Fridlich

Winter Blues

Mo Fridlich


flemming rasmussen

Happy New Year

flemming rasmussen


flemming rasmussen

Polar bear

flemming rasmussen

Local Pond

Casey Szocinski

Jasper is NOT the Prairies


Bob Henderson

A different railroad line...

Jerry Litynski


Gerald Litynski

Strange Animal Leaving Covered Bridge

Ruth Rittichier

New Year

Pietro Cecchi

Still Life with Oleanders

Nathan Leonard Kern

Plate with Hot Milk

Luka Ban

Resting Jaguar

David Stephens

Yale Hockey

Len Farrell

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