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Resting Jaguar

David Stephens

Yale Hockey

Len Farrell

Winter Moods

Sandi MacDonald

I went to a marvelous party

Dan Rubin

Storm at Peggy's #2

Sandi MacDonald

Angles and rectangles

Maria Salvador

On the road

Maria Salvador

Autumn Still Life

Maria Salvador

Dragon Hunter

Luka Ban

Island transportation

Casey Szocinski

Departure #27

Ernest Cadegan

Under the Big Leaf Canopy

Bob Henderson

Snow on the Cattails

Linda Frey

Happy New Year!

Ruth Rittichier

Favorite picture

Ronald Mast

Japanese Magnolia in green Vase

Nathan Leonard Kern





Fish head!

Jenni Thompson

Storm at Peggy's

Sandi MacDonald

Doing reflection

Luka Ban

New Year

Pietro Cecchi

Happy New Year

Maria Salvador


Cody Stein

Pinnacle Gully (3)

Paul Bracey

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