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Kitchen Sink (b&w)

Paul Politis

Red Rose

Nawaf Al-Ali

Frost on a fence post

Gary Boardman

A Dogs Life

Dot Kovac

The Art Institute of Chicago

Michael Neylon

NC's Egret

Nonn Panitvong

Mono Lake B&W from Color slide

Chris VenHaus

Trolley Ad .......(Black and white)



Mike Blanchard


Rod Nabholz

Red Rocks

David Hardin


Dick Sargent

Serene Reflection

David Hardin

Mount Rainier

Michael K. Baines

Kimberly Taylor

James Bocchino


Ginger Solty

Trailhead, Jackson State Forest

Garth Hagerman

Ocean Beach Just Before Sunset

Alan J Miller

Image Lake 2

Donald Burrows

Image Lake 1

Donald Burrows

Drive-in (black & white)

Richard Coda

Iris (black & white)

Richard Coda

Toni's Lighthouse

Lindsey Padgett

Against a Golden Sky

Doug Dance

In the tub

Ken Felsman

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