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Doug Dance

African Elephant

Cindy Marple

Gyrfalcon in flight

Daniel Bergmann


Michael Moore

a Party

mike hoffland

Follow The Leader

Brenda Bybee

Dead Tree

Dot Kovac

civil war equipment

John M Jones


John M. Jones

Coughing it Up


Anatomy of a Sack



Steven Sisti

Tri-coloured Sedum

walter dance

Catching a breeze flamingo

Kenneth McVay

a walk in the woods

James C. Hodgins

Spider's web/ Opening note

Eduard Mikhelovich

A little help from my friends

Bruce D. Harman

Mark, Set , Go!

Bruce D. Harman

No where to go

Kay Mitchel

Grand Haven Sunset

Lindsey Padgett

Chinese opera actor & stage hand

James Khor

Putting on makeup 2

James Khor

Putting on makeup 1

James Khor

White silence

Peter Zakharov

Blackeyed Susans Re-Post

Scott Whittemore

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