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Sergio Agramonte

Concrete Stairway

Robert Wagner


Marlis Steinke

Fear and Loathing and Greed on the Run

Art Sands

Terrel Davis - (with his clothes on.)

Art Sands

Menage `a Trois - Christel, Hil, and C

Art Sands

Old Steering Wheel

David Stevens


Aaron Johnson

Wet Fisherman

David Stevens

Tuscany #2

Gary Jean

Still Life: "Cocktails"

Rob Roy

Travel/ cruise ship

Rob Roy

Animal/Baboon [zoo]

Rob Roy

Flip an' Sea

Peter Steeper

Brushfire 2

Rich Bahret

Young firefighter

Rich Bahret

Tall Ship Amerigo Vespucci

George Ghiz

The Crow

Robert Wagner

Leaving The Party

Gary Mair

Jock River Bridge (Infrared)

Larry Sabo

Humble Abode, Rockliffe (Infrared) --

Larry Sabo

Christ Church, Burritt Rapids (Infrare

Larry Sabo

red blossom

Yves Schaller

Male Goldfinch

Keith Tate

Crimson Finch

Jason Mckeown

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