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Prairie Woman II

Photo Newbie

Sun Lit Face

Photo Newbie

Two Looks

Photo Newbie

Arbor at the Inn

George Hutchison


Phil Stauffer


Fritz Olenberger

2 points!

Phil Stauffer

South Haven Lighthouse - Morning Showe

Gary Martin

Gray Squirrel

Bruce R MacQueen

Iris germanica

Pietro Cecchi

"Boating the Myakka River"

Leo M. Johnson

Wetterhorn from a path on Grindlewald

Dave Mitchell

In A Fit of Giggles

Carrie Salazar

Landscape: Sea Rocks

Eolo Perfido

Landscape: Structure

Eolo Perfido

the singer

Alan Randall Wilson

BlueHeron Silo at Sunrise

Donna Bollenbach

lightning shot

John Caz


John Caz

Ligaria Plant

John Caz

The wait.

Bruno Turci

Swingout Sister

David Elfstrom


Alex Biebl

Hidden Valley Farm

George Hutchison

Rocks and Bird at Sea

Tom Grubbe

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