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      Most Popular Photos of 12/99 (page 1)

Autumn Portrait

Dima Zverev

East Bay, CA, B&W

Richard Silfverberg

Oyster catcher flypast

Bob Talbot

Larus novaehollandiae scopulinus

Nico Mostert

Seascape: Beach & Evening Light

Tom Grubbe

Before the Dawn

Gary Martin

Seascape: Beaches

Tom Grubbe

Storm at Sunrise #2

Gary Martin

Trees in mist

Peter Voerman

The Game

Richard Silfverberg

Patience rewarded

David Apfel

An ultrawide field of view

Gary Martin

Seascape: Rocky Ocean Sunset

Tom Grubbe

Black and White Slide

Ross Odom

Splash! II

Toni Lankerd

Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse at Dusk

Tom Grubbe

Rainbow Hits Ayers Rock

Henk Meijer

A Christmas Greeting from ......?

Art Sands

Attempt at a still

Tom Grubbe

The sea-dialogues #4

Laureano Miro

Shower Cave

Ronald Blachly

Trail, Big Basin #2

Tom Grubbe

Another darn barn

Kim Adams

Punk Pelican

Gary Jean

Another "Moonrise"

Dima Zverev

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