Fresh Snow

Fresh snow from this morning in NS and more of the same predicted for tomorrow. All par for the winter months.

Posted by Gerry Vrbensky on Wed, 02/12/20 14:22
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 02/12/20 18:53

Fresh snow has such a clean fresh feel to it and one wishes that feel would last a little longer but then comes the people and machines of the city and that clean fresh feel is gone in a heart beat. Oh well there is always the next snowfall.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Thu, 02/13/20 09:07

Pretty shot. It's seems like we are drowning in snow this winter...I want it to end...hope Sam the groundhog is right on his prediction.;-)

Comments by Jeff Dye on Sat, 02/15/20 21:13

I think a composition showing the entire tree rather than just a little of the top would be
more appealing. And the background, even though out of focus, remains distracting.
Judging by what Iíve seen on the news regarding snow in the east Iím sure there was
a better tree nearby.