Davidson's Ram

Posted by Ernest Cadegan on Mon, 04/11/16 12:29
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 04/11/16 13:34

The face framed by his own horns and the wool of the surrounding sheep really stands out in the image... as if posing for his photograph. Best with a black background.

Comments by Michael Meek on Mon, 04/11/16 13:54

Now there's a smart-looking fella with something to express! Not rueful or sheepish, not melancholy nor plaintive, but maybe "Here I am looking out from the middle of sheepland, and there you are looking in from the land of masters. I think I would like to trade places, but just for awhile to see what it's like." I'd think this image would sell like hotcakes in the humorous card section, but otherwise also. I like the centering of the face that enhances the sense of the sheep being one of many, but standing out just the same.

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Mon, 04/11/16 14:38

Thanks both of you. I think his cheeks are full as he was in the middle of a
feeding frenzy. Table scraps I think.

Comments by Michael Meek on Mon, 04/11/16 14:42

His eyes are full, too, of you!

Comments by Paul Bracey on Tue, 04/12/16 09:44

this is a stand out, as is the cow peeking from under the sheet