Red, White, and Blue

Posted by Art Sands on Sun, 02/16/14 21:03
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Comments by Art Sands on Sun, 02/16/14 21:04

Sony Nex 7

Comments by John Long on Mon, 02/17/14 01:45

I like the contrasts in the three colours - and wondered how much better (for me at least)if you had squared up the window.

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Mon, 02/17/14 03:31

Nice palette. I'm ok with the comp. Does the Nex 7 usually show that
much noise or did you have the ISO pumped up?

Comments by Art Sands on Mon, 02/17/14 07:41

Good suggestion John -

Ernest I was shooting on auto so you may be right re the ISO and noise. I looked at the image at 350 dpi and there was noise also. Another factor may have been the upward angle and the reflected light. Just bought the Nex 7 and it has a complex set of options that I'm trying to master. It has a 24mp sensor and a lot of other nice features which I could probably do w/o. (no noise problems with my old Pentax 67....manual options were ISO setting, shutter speed, and aperture:-)

Here's another Nex 7 shot from yesterday that's free of noise.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 02/17/14 09:25

I like the view through the window with the facade of the building serving as a natural framing for that view. I find the noise adds a texturing to the sky view that works well with the texturing that comes through from the framing wood.

Just trying to learn the in and outs of a new camera myself... D7100.

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Mon, 02/17/14 14:48

THe OP is very nice with the noise. I actually think the noise plays a nice roll in the overall look and feel to that image. (just don't do it again, ha)

Comments by Art Sands on Tue, 02/18/14 14:19

Thanks guys - will have to try shooting this again - will pay attention to the iso - is there anything else that contributes to noise?