Model crow

Once you have started taking pictures of crows, your photo library grows ever larger with crows, crows, and more crows. I blame Ernest for this.

Posted by Michael Meek on Thu, 12/26/13 17:52
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 12/26/13 18:05

A well groomed looking crow with the contrast between the crow and the background serving to bring a 3D quality to the image. An intelligent bird which has a touch of the trickster about it. As long as you post images of the crow such as you have one will disregard paraphrasing Mr. Poe: "Quote the crow nevermore."

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Fri, 12/27/13 14:28

Exquisite Mr. Meek. I do what I can to corrupt you. Tell me more how you
managed this.

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Fri, 12/27/13 16:18

VEry EXellent image and work !!! from our new found Image Maker. For the calibre of the images that you are now producing my only advise on this one would be to clone out those darker background twirls from under the crow's lower beak & neck. That area is a high point as it is a curve to the beak and you want that area nice and clear & clean. Those things hanging there look like your wonder bird is trying to grow a beard. Other than that it would be an Amazing Image one you should be very proud of !! I wish I had images like this one.

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Sat, 12/28/13 18:18

Perfect lighting on the bird, that makes it stand out from the softly patterned BG. Reminiscent of an antique portrait.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Mon, 12/30/13 13:30

;-) Did you bring him home, give him good food, and told him how to pose for you?
Great bird portrait - and the unexpected background adds a real touch of magics. Merlin and Co. must not be far...

Comments by Michael Meek on Fri, 01/03/14 03:46

Thanks, Greg, for your suggestion.

Comments by Julie M. Dant on Fri, 01/03/14 19:26

LOVE it, Michael! ;) Super job!