A Dog and his Shadow

Posted by Teresa Altman on Wed, 11/20/13 09:13
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 11/20/13 09:24

I wonder about the viewpoint thinking that the shadow and the dog viewed from the front might have had a sense of moving into the setting rather than out of it which is the sense for me as I look at the picture. The contrast between the color of the dog's coat and the grass creates a separation which helps to make the dog stand out in the image.

Comments by Terri_KH on Wed, 11/20/13 10:14

I think the shot should be from the front as well. Maybe with Max looking towards his shadow, can't tell where Max is looking from behind him. Getting to see Max's face would give a stronger focal point to the picture. He looks like a very pretty dog, would like to see his face.