Canon EOS 60d
ISO 100
This is the first time I took photos of a baby and was
wondering if that photo is any good? What are your thoughts?

Posted by StefanieUsuanlele on Tue, 11/05/13 11:33
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Comments by Dennis Puccio on Tue, 11/05/13 12:41

Cute subject. Seems that some areas are out of focus. I am not sure if you are doing this for
effect. If not, perhaps you can experiment with various f-stop settings.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Tue, 11/05/13 12:55

The only thing I don't like about is her hand seemingly coming out of nowhere. It doesn't need to be there, however, including a baby's hands/arms can add a nice
feature to the composition. I was photographing a newborn Saturday and as she slept I
placed her hands that were down along her sides to her upper body near her chin and
quickly shot as I moved my hand away. You have no room for focusing error at 1.8.
Her left eyelashes are sharp and the right ones aren't. The eye closest to camera
should be sharp if you intend for other facial areas to be soft. I'd recommend you stop
down a little and you'll get more keepers. Your photo is good. Just beware of the little