1/50 at f:9 ISO 100 20mm
Canon 18-200

Image processed in Lightroom then imported to SilverEfex. Added a "Texture Layer" in Elements to give a more grungy feel.

I really like several elements in this image, but there is something not right. Something is causing me to not love the entire image. Any thoughts?

Posted by HPhotography on Fri, 11/16/12 07:11
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Comments by Alias on Fri, 11/16/12 09:14

Might not knock on that door on Halloween !

You might try squaring it up ...
See it that makes it work better for you.
Truly squared architecture might serve as a foil for the dilapidation.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 11/16/12 09:17

An interesting treatment of the door which would work truly well on Halloween. I like the b&w format, the sense of texturing and the interplay of light and shadow. I find there is a slight tilt to the image which does catch one's attention... maybe just me.

Comments by Alias on Fri, 11/16/12 09:31


Comments by Alias on Fri, 11/16/12 09:49

What seemed to be a lean was actually "keystoning"

It took some of my attention but is easy to "correct".

Saving the frame would have meant extra work so I just concentrated on the image area.

You may not know that you can control the background for each image by clicking directly on the image.
I prefer this image on black and have no idea how to make that frame work on anything except the white.

Comments by HPhotography on Fri, 11/16/12 11:57

BRILLIANT! Straightening, "de-keystoning", squaring, and maybe even a little lightening will help.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.