2 light set up with gold reflector and Promaster 300c lights. This was my first Studio set up, in my garage. Since this shot I've decided to work out the fear of portrait photography. The results can be extremely gratifying.

Posted by Eric Lubar on Wed, 11/14/12 16:09
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Comments by Jeff Dye on Wed, 11/14/12 20:08

You can rightfully be "extremely gratified" with this portrait. The eye contact is stunning.
Keep working on your fears. Will expect to see more.

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Thu, 11/15/12 03:59

Magnificent portrait, Eric... :)
Excellent in all.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 11/15/12 05:41

I find your portrait of the young lady works particularly well with the image set against a black background... your choice of background creates a contrast with the well detailed image of the young woman which works to make her stand out strongly in the picture.

Comments by Bob Buckles on Thu, 11/15/12 19:11

Nicely done.

Comments by Deb Alexander on Fri, 11/16/12 10:19

Love this so much more than the green-eyed one. Natural and stunning. Full of personality
and technique.