Posted by Art Sands on Tue, 02/07/12 15:31
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Comments by Art Sands on Tue, 02/07/12 15:33

Cool Pix P90 - just ordered 2 20"x30" canvas prints of this one - curious to see how they turn out

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 02/07/12 16:13

Just photographed flamingos on the weekend at the Tropical House at our local zoo. Not the richness of color as with the plumage of these birds but I do like the shapes they twist their necks and bodies into when they are either preening or trying to sleep. This image works particularly well in my mind when set against a black background.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Tue, 02/07/12 18:34

Nice work.

Comments by Mo Fridlich on Wed, 02/08/12 04:06

Nice shot indeed!

Comments by Nathan Leonard Kern on Wed, 02/08/12 06:49

I would crop as shown

Comments by Rajasekharan on Wed, 02/08/12 09:18

Yes this is a good capture, the pattern makes good looks, but so many
birds but could see only one face!

Comments by Linda Frey on Wed, 02/08/12 12:43

I'll bet the large prints will look great!

Comments by Ellen Williams on Wed, 02/08/12 13:17

Lovely light and some nice detail

Comments by Art Sands on Wed, 02/08/12 13:30

thanks for the kind feedback everyone -

Linda you can get these canvas prints at Picture It On Canvas


ask for the groupon price - these two mounted canvas prints will be about $100 including shipping

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Wed, 02/08/12 14:39

WOnderfull FLamingusus they are !!

Comments by Jeff Dye on Fri, 02/10/12 15:41

Amongst all the feathers one eye is enough. Excellent flamingo photo. They're not as easy to
do well as they might first appear. I try to avoid the leg bands and blank spaces but that's
difficult considering their body shape.

Comments by Art Sands on Sat, 02/11/12 09:25

Agree Jeff - the dark bg was helpful - it was tough yelling at those birds to get into formation:-)