I spotted these artichokes in a neighbors garden during my dog walks. She lets them go, something you don't usually see because when harvested for consumption, they never reach the point of blooming. Digital slr, tripod, flash on a cord with a difuser, black foamcore background. Thank you for critiques and comments. Greg

Posted by Greg Collins on Sat, 06/18/11 23:36
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Comments by Jeff Dye on Sun, 06/19/11 00:41

Didn't realize you were a botanical kind of guy Greg and this is outstanding. The blue
flat top really adds a nice dose of color. Have fun in Oregon.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 06/19/11 08:13

Something I've never seen... an artichoke flower. The contrast between the detailed nature of the artichoke and the black background serves to bring a 3D feel to your composition.

Comments by Alias on Sun, 06/19/11 10:32

Good lighting
Good composition
Great color !

Nicely done.

Hope your dog didn't ...
well, you know ... ;-)

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Sun, 06/19/11 10:46

Magnificent artichokes and great set up... :)
Thank you, Greg, for the set up data.
So pretty flowers, indeed.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Mon, 06/20/11 13:28

Perfect! What is the size of your black foamcore?

Comments by Dale Dean on Thu, 06/23/11 16:26

Can't help thinking of a mother with her two children. Great photo!

Comments by Ellen Williams on Fri, 06/24/11 18:56

Terrific lighting and color, shapes are almost abstract.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sun, 06/26/11 08:58

Can't but agree with everybody above. Beautiful!