Dune Patterns III

This is a bit different composition of a similar image I posted a couple weeks ago. This one includes more of the mountains in the background, and some dune patterns on the left side of the frame.

Posted by Christopher VenHaus on Mon, 01/18/10 09:00
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 01/18/10 10:12

I like both of your versions of this setting. The closeup view was striking while with this view with the inclusion of the mountains there is more of a sense of vastness captured in the setting. I like the layering of toning, the sense of texturing (both from the foreground sand dunes and the distant mountains) and and the near pencil-like drawing quality of the picture. Striking image!

Comments by Jeff Dye on Mon, 01/18/10 15:39

If I had to choose between this and the previous post it would be the previous. I like the
tighter composition. I just looked at it again and hadn't noticed the beetle tracks on the face
of the formation, just the ones on top. If there was a wish for this one it would be for a sky
seen in some of your other locations.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Mon, 01/18/10 18:43

Another great image, but I also prefer the previous one...

Comments by Maria Salvador on Wed, 01/20/10 11:23

Beautiful as well. What a contrast between the flow and softness of the dunes and the rough stone mountain in the background.

Comments by David Strachan on Thu, 01/28/10 02:14

Superb; love the three textures.