Nijmegen, the Netherlands (1)

Wedding cars come and go in front of Town Hall.

Posted by Henk Braam on Thu, 05/14/09 02:21
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 05/14/09 09:05

One would usually work to get a clear shot without the tree at the very centre of the image but I find that the contrast between the darkened telephone pole and the lighter toning of the cars and the rest of the background works to create a sense of depth in the image. I like the contrast also between the large limo and the small Beetle with the tin cans attached.

Comments by JP Zorn on Thu, 05/14/09 09:22

excellent. funny and great timing (with the small car layered over the limo and both cut in half). and the cans dragging behind with the two figures.

Comments by Linda Frey on Thu, 05/14/09 09:58

What a wonderful eye for humour you have, Henk!

Comments by Goetz Adam Gageik on Thu, 05/14/09 12:55

I particularly like the person driven in the beetle - as if it was a chauffeur driven affair - nice catch!

Comments by Bill Leggett on Thu, 05/14/09 19:24

All 3 are enjoyable street work, think I'll vote for this as my favorite. FWIW I'd lose the framing, they all stand on their own.

Comments by Jim E on Fri, 05/15/09 00:34

Great work! Perfect timing!

Comments by Harry Liston on Fri, 05/15/09 09:47

"And to my cousin Herbie driving the VW, I bequeath my entire fortune of a hundred million dollars..."