...watching the bumper cars at Indiana Beach on Shafer Lake

Posted by Julie M. Dant on Wed, 04/08/09 11:00
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Comments by Julie M. Dant on Wed, 04/08/09 11:01

Comments by John Long on Wed, 04/08/09 12:37

The closer view conveys the look of rapt attention on the children's faces - whereas the OP sets the scene.
A little tweak with the highlight shadow tool (selectively on their faces) would assist the general effect of child reaction.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 04/08/09 19:53

I prefer the opening picture. The b&w format rather than sepia, the inclusion of the background figures sought gaze to the right reinforces the fixed attention of the two children on the bumper cars, and the nature of the poses of the two children (there is a slight blurring in the second picture with the little girl moving her right hand).

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sat, 04/11/09 10:33

Both look great to me. Cute, well done and interesting.