Dingle Harbour

Posted by keith adams on Fri, 02/16/07 15:37
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 02/16/07 16:41

I like the reflective quality of the water in picking up the coloring and the form of the boats at anchor, the manner in which the light highlights the masts and the hulls of the boats, and your use of the darkness of the sky and the water to serve as a framing for the boats. One can see that there is a number of ways in which this image could be cropped primarily in my mind to heighten the prominence of the sailing boats in the image.

Comments by Len Farrell on Fri, 02/16/07 18:19

Great shot, Keith. So blue, so still!!! I'd leave as is...without cropping. Good Job!!!

Comments by Charlene Dunaway on Fri, 02/16/07 18:22

This is beautiful! I love the lighting and the saturated color. Did you do any after camera work? Just got Elements and am dying to learn.

Comments by Diane Kroupa on Fri, 02/16/07 21:09

Love this just the way it is. Love that deep blue pristine water - so smooth and undisturbed and those beautiful and perfectly exposed white masts reaching up to the sky. Candy for the eyes.

Comments by Richard Dong on Fri, 02/16/07 21:38

Lovely compliment of yellow and that wonderfully deep blue. This looks almost tropical, far removed from Ireland.

Was Fungie around?

Comments by Vladimir Vorobeychik on Fri, 02/16/07 21:44

Excellent work!

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sat, 02/17/07 18:22

Love that beautiful dark deep blue - and the contrast with the lightness of the boats!

Comments by Bryan Palmer on Sun, 02/18/07 16:09


Comments by Garry Schaefer on Mon, 02/19/07 13:18

The deep, dark tones of the surroundings provide an excellent foil for the little flotilla, well illuminated.