Goldernrod fountain

Phone photo processed in Photomatix and Photoshop

Posted by Dale Chadwick on Tue, 10/16/18 19:14
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Comments by Dale Chadwick on Tue, 10/16/18 19:17

Rats posted the wrong version. Here's the one I intended originally.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 10/16/18 21:15

I prefer the first one you posted with a stronger contrast, to my mind, between the goldenrod and the background than the case with the second image.

Comments by Dale Chadwick on Wed, 10/17/18 08:20

Yeah but the crop is terrible.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Thu, 10/25/18 08:56

The first one is better because the background is blurred out. Busy background in the second one.;-)