St. Clet, Quebec

Cruising the country roads looking for Snowy Owls and
raptors. After a 45 min drive to get there, and 2 1/2
hrs checking surrounding trees, farmer fields and barns
no predators at all. A little disheartening to say the
We backed up a farmers drive way to turn around to go
home, when we saw this guy and his friends beside the
farmer's house. We had to stop to get a couple shots
from the road. It put a smile on our faces talking about
it on our long ride home.

Posted by S Roter on Sat, 02/01/20 11:10
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 02/01/20 14:13

There are people who would die for eyelashes like that of this llama. Great close up shot of the llama with great detail and one can see why a face like this was worthy of photographs and conversation.

Comments by slacker on Sat, 02/01/20 16:58

Llamma chops and stir fry. Lucky it didn't spit on your lens...

Comments by Paul Bracey on Sat, 02/01/20 23:32

Handsome critters. ;)

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Mon, 02/03/20 08:47

Not bad looking teeth. Funny shot.;-)

Comments by S Roter on Mon, 02/03/20 13:35

Thanks for commenting.