Hooded Merganser with Crayfish

Angrignon Park.

Posted by S Roter on Fri, 10/18/19 19:44
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Comments by S Roter on Fri, 10/18/19 19:44

Comments by S Roter on Fri, 10/18/19 19:47

Comments by Gerry Vrbensky on Sat, 10/19/19 11:00

What a fantastic group of photos especially with the fall colors
reflecting of the water.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 10/19/19 12:29

Striking series of images of the Merganser with the contrast between the duck and the reflective colors of the water serving to make the Merganser stand out strongly in the picture. I especially like the 2nd image in the comment section with the detailed view of the crayfish being held in the beak of the Merganser.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Mon, 10/21/19 09:39

Beautiful duck for sure. The images are a bit soft but the colors and capturing the duck at the right time is very nice. The last one is the best showing more details but could use some straighten out to improve the image.;-)

Comments by les perry on Tue, 10/22/19 17:23

Good behaviorally action caught here, aside some of the comments above images 2 and 3 could benefit from a little straightening, water looks to be running out of frame left, OP ok