A composite.

Posted by S Roter on Fri, 11/02/18 23:46
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 11/03/18 08:50

I like your image of Cormorant especially when set against a black background... there is dream like quality to the image with the Cormorant set against the warm colors of the sunset sky. I might have cropped out the little triangle in the lower left hand corner.

Comments by slacker on Sat, 11/03/18 09:11


Comments by Dale Chadwick on Sat, 11/03/18 10:33

Fabulous color and contrast!

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Sat, 11/03/18 14:21

The colors are wonderful...very good shot. I wish that you were able to get the bird facing you but it's still nice as it is.;-)

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Sat, 11/03/18 16:28

Arresting image! .... Stunning. Over the top on the "WOW" meter.

Comments by Art Sands on Sat, 11/03/18 18:23

Great shot ! -

Another shot of cormorants near my house on Warren Lake - the birds
perch on this tree in the evening waiting for the fish to surface