A Mother's Love

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Posted by S Roter on Tue, 03/13/18 14:30
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 03/13/18 15:15

I like the feel of this mother daughter composition... the sense of family and warmth and all those good things one remembers from childhood or from one's own children when they were young.

I'm not sure if I'm correct in saying that I wish that the tonal contrast were stronger... perhaps a stronger contrast might do away with the softness that draws me to the image and the sense it has created for me.

Comments by S Roter on Wed, 03/14/18 19:05

Thanks Jan. I like a contrasty pic, for this one, I went for the
softness as you said. Maybe too much ?

Comments by Richard Dong on Tue, 04/10/18 22:51

Nice tones, perhaps a tad too low on contrast but appropriate given the subject matter.