This Summer I started again painting. This my latest painting. Your feedback is
highly appreciated. Thank you

Posted by Christopher Azzopardi on Sun, 09/08/13 08:13
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 09/08/13 09:15

I particularly like the nature of the eyes... so life like and they work to make a strong connection between the viewer and the painting. I find a white background works well with this particular image... a grey or black seems to enhance the textural nature of the background and lessens the contrast between the apostle and the background. There is also a bright thin vertical line along the left edge which becomes visible with a grey or black background. You are a man of many skills Christopher. Thank you for sharing.

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Sun, 09/08/13 11:05

It's a little dangerous to critique a painting that obviously executed
with skill and for which I have no skill. But for me his face seems a
bit distorted. It feels more forward on the subjects right side. As part
of that my brain is reading the right eye as being larger than the left.

Comments by John Long on Sun, 09/08/13 11:36

Christofer, you are as skilled at painting as you are at photography! The lighting on your portraits is always exciting and when I opened up your picture I thought 'how did he get that painterly effect' - now I know!

Comments by Paul Bracey on Sun, 09/08/13 17:50

It actually has the same "feel" as your photographs. It seems you already have a style! Nice work.

Comments by Linda Frey on Mon, 09/09/13 14:04

Very skilled work, Christopher.

Comments by Ayvarith on Mon, 09/09/13 21:58

I have to say very intriguing. I couldn't decide (before reading the description) if it is a painting or a photo! ... Neat work I have to say, specially the eyes and their looks.

Comments by Larry Moran on Tue, 09/10/13 13:25

This is lovely.