Magnolia Tree Blossom


Posted by Ruth Rittichier on Fri, 09/07/12 15:01
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 09/07/12 16:03

I like the painterly feel of your composition of the Magnolia tree blossom with the blossoms standing out strongly against the darkened diffused feel of the background. There is a natural flow in the picture created by the diagonal placement of the blossoms.

Comments by Linda Frey on Fri, 09/07/12 20:00

Nicely done. Such lovely blossoms.

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Fri, 09/07/12 20:57

Superb magnolias, Ruth... :)
Really a joy for the eye.


Comments by Michael Meek on Sat, 09/08/12 06:15

You got the pink just right, although my magnolia tree blossoms never looked so good! Hard to isolate them like you have. The swirling background colors complement the swirling leaves and petals. Very beautiful.

Comments by John Long on Sat, 09/08/12 07:43

superb shot with beautiful lighting.

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Mon, 09/10/12 12:57

Excellent ! composition, lighting , color, framing....all of it.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Mon, 09/10/12 13:54

I love it!;-)

Comments by Tod Gombar on Sat, 09/13/14 06:08

I generally overlook painted flower comps, but this is a wonderfully
executed technique. I'm curious, did you use a Wacom tablet to "pull"
the colors? It's pale colors create a subtle intimacy in my mind.

Comments by Steve Owen on Sat, 09/13/14 08:41

This is beautiful! The dark background really makes this pop!

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Sat, 09/13/14 20:24

Tod, yes I did use a Wacom tablet and pen to "pull" the colors.

Steve, thank you.