Halloween is comming.

Olympus OM2 with 50 mm lens on fugichrome

Posted by Nathan Leonard Kern on Fri, 09/30/11 15:09
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 09/30/11 16:10

I particularly like this image set against a black background which both complements the orange pumpkin but also helps to enhance the details of the paint job.

A lot of work at hand with all those pumpkins in the background waiting for the hand of the painter to be applied to them.

Comments by Mustafa H.Digdigi on Sat, 10/01/11 17:05

Nice shot. Very well exposed and composed. It describes the painter's work very strongly.

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Sun, 10/02/11 03:41

It's not Halloween, Nathan... :)
Is a painter at work with his masterpiece.

Great colors, strong subject.
Fun with the many orange pumpkins, and with the kids who will use them.