Midnight stories

In the lost hour
between one year and the other
anything can happen
and disappear
leaving no official register

Posted by Maria Salvador on Tue, 03/08/16 09:22
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Comments by Nathan Leonard Kern on Tue, 03/08/16 09:59

In the starey night a hooded figure approches two oil tanks. What can its purpose be? The light on the left is warm and on the right cold.Where is Edgar Allen Poe?

Comments by Maria Salvador on Tue, 03/08/16 10:03

;-))) There is also a hidden crow, not visible in the image... Many thanks Nathan.
BTW, loved those giraffes, thank you!

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 03/08/16 12:06

The arc of the roadway works to lead the viewer from the shadowy figure through to the two large tanks. What wonders what the connection is between the two elements... a story to be constructed in the viewer's mind. I like the toning of the sky with the feeling of the aurora borealis with the almost discernible head of a bird... perhaps the crow you mentioned in your comments.

Comments by Jacky on Tue, 03/08/16 23:27

I've given up on the crow... But still, a very evocative image! Love
this. Wonderful color and light. Neato construction!

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Wed, 03/09/16 00:32

This one stopped me in my tracks......A masterpiece of fantasy.
Welcome back to the P.C. forum, Maria....

Comments by Paul Bracey on Wed, 03/09/16 01:15


Comments by Maria Salvador on Wed, 03/09/16 05:57

Did it look too dark Paul? Suppose I must mess with my monitor calibration and/or the light in this room... Your version looks clearer, but (on my monitor) definitely not "midnight"...
What means "Orev"?

Comments by Michael Meek on Wed, 03/09/16 06:22

Richness all around. And we are again favored with the mysterious hooded figure. The saturated colors enhance all the lovely curves and lines, as do the well-placed shadows in the composition. Lots of other worldly images coming to PC. Well done!

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Wed, 03/09/16 10:51

GREat comp and image !! I do prefer Paul's light & darkness change.
His changes really create a better balance between reality and the
created story.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Wed, 03/09/16 17:27

Orev, the crow! I found him in that darkened corner.
No, yours looks fine. :)

Comments by Maria Salvador on Thu, 03/10/16 05:36

Jan, Nathan, Johnny, Bruce, Michael, Greg and Paul, Big thank you to all, loved your comments!