New Friend

NikonD7000 f/7.1, ISO-1000, 1/320s, Aperture1.6, 500mm

Here is a new friend I met today. It's possibly the same squirrel in my last post, they all look the same.

Posted by Gerry Vrbensky on Wed, 12/09/20 12:34
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 12/09/20 14:11

As long as you have the peanuts you are going to have a wonderful model to photograph. Including your hand works well to give the viewer as sense of the size of the squirrel and then there is that luminous eye.

Comments by Sharan Jay on Thu, 12/10/20 14:44

very nice. how did you pull this off with gear settings you have
mentioned :)

Big camera and not to mention 500mm lens?


Comments by Sharan Jay on Thu, 12/10/20 14:45

or I assumed wrong, it is not a self hand portrait ...

Comments by Gerry Vrbensky on Thu, 12/10/20 16:03

Hi Sharon, You are right, I have an error in my settings description. it should have read 50mm not 500mm. I use a Nikon
AF 50mm 1:1.8 D lens. Walnuts in one hand and camera in the other. Very observant.

Comments by Sharan Jay on Thu, 12/10/20 17:01

thanks for responding.
some pictures not easy to take - deem more observance. This one