Teton Gold

Posted by Paul Bracey on Thu, 09/21/17 01:30
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 09/21/17 08:02

Wonderful layering of colors from the green foreground trees through the purple of the mountains to the gold of the clouds. I particularly do like the sunrays that show up against both the clouds and the mountains. Is the turquoise horizontal layer a reflection off a lake or stream? An overall painterly feel to the composition that heightens the visual impact of the composition for me.

Comments by S Roter on Thu, 09/21/17 19:29

Beautiful light Paul with the subtle light beams

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Thu, 09/21/17 20:36

Are you getting messages from Above telling you to be at Point X
at this date and time and We'll put on an amazing natural
landscape show for you ? :-) Another winner, Paul.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Thu, 09/21/17 22:58

No disagreement with the other comments. If mine I might take a look at opening up the
shadow areas just a smidgen. Might help the trees stand out a little.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Mon, 11/30/20 05:07