How I took pics in the WH

White House
Washington DC
mid 1970s
Nikon FM
As we were lining up to go in for a tour of the WH. There
were signs all over the place 'No Pictures' Oh boy,
there was no way I was going in there without taking
pics. Secret Service were reported to be incognito as
tourists. I casually checked out the other tourists,
couldn't tell. Before going in I shorten the camera strap
so my camera was against my solar plexes, near my heart.
I had a 14" cable release screwed to the shutter release
of my camera, which I threaded under my shirt down into
my left pocket of my jeans. I would keep still for a pic
and press the plunger cable in my pocket which would take
a picture. To advance the film I would scratch my chin
and advance the film. I had pre-focused my 28mm lens in
advance to 20 feet, it was a wide angle lens. I know I
was crazy, consequences not realized. I didn't tell the
people I was with. They would have stopped me for sure. I
was operating on pure adrenaline. I got away with it.

Posted by S Roter on Tue, 11/03/20 15:38
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 11/03/20 16:19

Interesting methodology in order to get a picture at the White House. I don't understand why no pictures though and so I did a Google and it seems only small digital cameras and cell phones with cameras are allowed. Sounds like going to concert or a hockey game. What year did you take your picture of the White House?

Comments by S Roter on Tue, 11/03/20 18:53

The late 70s. The negatives have yet to be scanned. This pic is
scanned from a 8x10 print, I made back then. No Photos was the rule.

Comments by Sharan Jay on Tue, 11/03/20 21:19

very nice work

Comments by slacker on Thu, 11/05/20 13:49

How did you get them to sign the model release?