Lines and Textures

28-70 lens.
not too much PS on this one, maybe added a little contrast.

Posted by Mark Hudon on Wed, 10/22/08 22:17
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 10/22/08 22:44

I like the strong sense of texturing that comes through from the brickwork wall... one has the feeling (with a gray, or black, background) that they are looking through an open doorway and that they could simply step into the setting and feel the roughness of the wall.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Wed, 10/22/08 23:13

Out of the mts. and downtown. Nothing safe from an observant photographer. I like it.

Comments by John Long on Thu, 10/23/08 05:04

My orderly mind tells me I want to see the pipes really vertical and not on the slight angle - although I appreciate you may be accurate in your framing!

Comments by Dennis Hancock on Thu, 10/23/08 06:48

Good composition with some nice strong lines and textures. Think I agree with John on the angle of the pipes.

Comments by Marlis Steinke on Tue, 10/28/08 20:50

Great texture.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Thu, 01/19/17 10:53

Yeah, it's nice, but these aren't the lines we're looking for...

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Mon, 01/30/17 17:15

With the grey background the tones really come out. And they are
great tones !!

Comments by Paul Bracey on Tue, 08/25/20 01:59