Special Effects Roses

P&S compact and film effect PS. Thanks.;-)

Posted by Sandi MacDonald on Sat, 07/11/20 11:53
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 07/11/20 12:13

The contrast between that of the roses and the darkened leaves serves to make the roses stand out in the image. Equally important, to my mind, is the water droplets on the leaves and petals which works to enhance the textural component of the image. Superb to my mind.

Comments by S Roter on Sat, 07/11/20 17:49

Very nice Sandi, as Jan said the darkened leaves makes the Roses
stand out. I think the roses are a tad too bright. Still a beautiful

Comments by Gerry Vrbensky on Sun, 07/12/20 09:59

Good job Sandi, very nice.