Lonely cold walk into the unknown

This was taken a few weeks ago, when I was feeling the
walls getting closer and I needed some fresh air. This was
the day before they closed the park. I saw an individual
walking alone and felt a distant kinship being the only two
people there. I threw a couple filters on this to keep it
Be safe, all.

Posted by S Roter on Thu, 05/14/20 09:29
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 05/14/20 13:22

I've often felt that of late with my daily walks around various areas of downtown Winnipeg and hardly ever seeing anyone else and those people I do meet do the social distance dance around each other... very lonely feel to the walks and none of the mutual greetings that were shared by fellow walkers in the past.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Thu, 05/14/20 16:12

Very different. The path has a nice S curve and the line is being broken by what I
guess is a lamp post. I moved the photo to the right until the edge of my I-pad cropped
the post. The majority of the path remains and the composition is much cleaner.

Comments by S Roter on Fri, 05/15/20 23:45

I took your advice and tried a new crop. Thanks again Jeff ND jAN.

Comments by les perry on Sat, 05/16/20 17:22

Both workings nice, but for me the isolation and loneliness of the figure is lost in the cropped version, more a sense of depth created with lamppost in

Comments by S Roter on Tue, 05/19/20 08:18

Thanks for your input Les, I agree with you.