The sky was very cloudy this morning, so when I went for a
walk I didn't expect much. I sat on a bench to take a drink
of water, and noticed something small darting around in the
low trees. There must have been half a dozen.
Nikon D7100
Nikon 300mm F4

Posted by S Roter on Sat, 05/16/20 15:02
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 05/16/20 15:51

The image here has even a stronger visual impact than at your facebook site. The bird appears larger here and that larger size even further enhances the visual impact of the bird on the viewer.

Comments by les perry on Sat, 05/16/20 17:06

Good detail caught and liking the out stretched wings, if mine might of gone for more of square crop, with a bit off the top, centrally placed but think would better as a comp

Comments by S Roter on Sat, 05/16/20 20:35

Thanks again Jan.

Thank you too Les. It's that kind of shot that's fun to experiment
with. Different crop factors and as many filters as I have to try on

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Sun, 05/17/20 14:15

I like it...they are very pretty birds. Good catch in flight.;-)