Sullivan's Pond Geese

Sullivanís Pond geese return home to Sullivan's Pond in Dartmouth after spending winter at Hope for Wildlife who provide a temporary home
during the winter months.
The gaggle of geese have dwindles some. At one time there were as many as 12 and now they are down to 8 maybe 9. Last year 4 new geese were
added to the group.
People like to come to the park to feed the geese even though there are signs asking them not to which also means the geese are use to people
have no hesitation on coming right up to you looking for a hand-out. I've had at least a half dozen run right up to me which would scare at
lot of people but I grew up on a farm so no problem, besides I think they just want their picture taken.

Posted by Gerry Vrbensky on Sat, 05/02/20 18:01
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Comments by Jeff Dye on Sat, 05/02/20 18:05

Nice diagonal line linking them. Are you watching your histogram on the highlight side
which I suspect spiked?

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 05/02/20 18:56

I like the contrast between the white plumage of the geese and the blue water... really works to make them stand out in the image. I was looking at the feet of the two geese and I noticed they were on the surface of the water which one doesn't usually see with swimming geese... more like they were simply steering through the water rather than swimming. Interesting notes on the geese of Sullivan's Pond.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Wed, 05/06/20 09:23

I love these types of birds...been awhile since I have seen them. Nice that you were able to get close with the two of them. A little hot in the whites but otherwise a good shot.;-)