Colorful Blackburnian warbler

I am already bored with these cold, cloudy, windy days. The
park is very quiet, maybe a seagull or two. I was going
through my archives from this year, and found this little
guy. He made me smile, I thought I'd share him with you.
Perhaps it'll get a smile from you as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, be safe if you
are travelling.

Posted by S Roter on Thu, 11/28/19 10:28
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 11/28/19 14:30

Striking image of the warbler with the little bird almost popping out from my computer screen with the strong contrast between the detailed colorful nature of the bird and the image background. And worth repeating once again... the catch light in the eye serves to bring the bird to life for me.

And as for cold, cloudy, windy days... they really do get boring after a while and we have months to go before the return of warm weather. So I'm thankful for a day like today when though it is cold... it is sunny with little wind.

Comments by Gerry Vrbensky on Thu, 11/28/19 16:31

I'm glad you went through your archives and found this beautiful photo. Love the colors and nicely captured.
Thanks for sharing.

Comments by Art Sands on Thu, 11/28/19 18:01


Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Sat, 11/30/19 08:17

That's beautiful. I love seeing warblers but they are rare around the city. Nice details and colors. A good one...good job.;-)

Comments by Michael Meek on Mon, 12/02/19 15:17

Outstanding! Pin sharp and beautiful colors. The darn things never stop moving so good work to even get a shot let alone a sharp one against a nice bg.