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Greater Yellowlegs

A big flock of these birds camped out for the night on floating logs that were moving along in the tidal stream of the slough. I have been back twice more to this location and nary a bird. It was, I guess, a one night stand.

Posted by Michael Meek on Thu, 11/07/19 00:11
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Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Thu, 11/07/19 10:52

That's a nice one. I like the yellow outline on the it the casting of the evening sunlight? Good details and comp. Nice job, Michael.;-)

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 11/07/19 11:31

I agree with Sandi about the yellow rim around the form of the Greater Yellowleg. I particularly like the balance created between the real bird and its reflective counterpart with the reflection adding an abstractive feel to the image.

Comments by Mark Vaintroub on Thu, 11/07/19 17:28

Like it very much! Especially yes, this yellow rim! Like the composition as well. Looks great! The only thing I do not like is this stick (top right corner). Can be easily removed...

Comments by Michael Meek on Thu, 11/07/19 21:41

For reasons I do not fully understand, the sun at this low angle to the creature rimmed it with yellow to a degree I was surprised to see. The birds legs went kind of translucent as well indicating some very strong rays. The sun is closer to the earth this time of year than it is in the summer and furthermore I hear that for reasons the physicists give more rays are hitting the earth now because of lower sun spot activity causing a diminished corona and thus more rays coming through from what is ahead of the sun as it travels along. The advisory is that one can "burn" much more easily these days.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Sun, 12/01/19 20:05

And never more yellow than in that great light!