Robin Reaching for Berries

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Posted by S Roter on Sat, 11/16/19 15:10
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 11/16/19 19:29

Those vivid red berries works to lead the viewer from the bottom of the image over the stretched body of the robin to the berries themselves. The contrast between the robin and the feel of the background serves to bring a sense of depth to the image. Once again the catch light in the eye serves to bring the scene to life for me.

Comments by Gerry Vrbensky on Sun, 11/17/19 09:18

Another amazing photo. You must have these birds trained to pose for you. Well Done.

Comments by S Roter on Sun, 11/17/19 23:01

Thanks Jan and Gerry. It is over saturated, and you're kind enough
not to critique that. I still like it (-;

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Tue, 11/19/19 08:25

Nice that you were able to catch him in action which is unusual to see a robin in that pose.;-)