Posted by flemming rasmussen on Tue, 11/05/19 08:36
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 11/07/19 20:06

Complementing vertical lines from the windows to the drain pipe. I have tried to figure out what is hanging from the window... laundry drying in a breeze or something related to home repair... I guess we'll never know...

Comments by Michael Meek on Thu, 11/07/19 21:14

A vampire was so eager to get out of that building he tore his cape right off his back! Good catch. The nail is a nice mystery, too. What in the world was hanging from it? And where did it go? Maybe it was "Vampires welcome" signage and explains the vampire's hasty retreat from an irate flesh and blood wooden stake holding vampire hunter? That Fleming is always on to what the rest of us miss.