2 Birds in Flight

Flying Geese
Rapides, Lasalle,Quebec
D7100 & 300mm F4 PF

Posted by S Roter on Sun, 11/03/19 09:41
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Comments by slacker on Sun, 11/03/19 11:35

nice ....
Ahead by a neck..

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 11/03/19 13:55

I was watching (and photographing) some geese this morning. My geese were stationary and not evoking the sense of energy that your flying pair does for me. I find the contrast between the geese and the diffused feel of the background serves to enhance that sense of energy in my mind. And then, of course, there are the catch light in the eyes which serves to bring the geese to life as they fly through the scene.

Comments by Michael Meek on Mon, 11/04/19 04:10

Good job of getting them in focus while they were speeding along. Impressive. The background is nicely OOF and with no hot spots to distract. All to the good!

Comments by Jeff Dye on Mon, 11/04/19 11:06

Meek’s comments cover it for me.

Comments by S Roter on Thu, 11/07/19 20:19

Thanks for commenting.
Minor adjustments in contrast and noise only. It was a semi-cloudy
day giving a softer texture.
I liked it so much it's already a 16 x 20 picture on my wall.