Tried to get some action shots

There were about eight of these guys and one girl playing in
the waves near Ocean City, NJ. I was able to get a few shots
that are OK. I was shooting at ISO 500, F14, between 1/320
and 1/500. Next time I'll set the exposure and hold the f-
stop. I was using a 55 to 250 mm lens.

Posted by Dale Chadwick on Sat, 08/10/19 10:26
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Comments by Dale Chadwick on Sat, 08/10/19 10:27

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Comments by Dale Chadwick on Sat, 08/10/19 10:28


Comments by Dale Chadwick on Sat, 08/10/19 10:31

and #4

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 08/10/19 13:33

I especially like the opening image with the rider appearing to have been shot right out of the water heading skyward but all of the images carry a sense of action with them. The sky works well in the images to create a sense of depth in the pictures.

Not so bad being up in the air but hitting the water must really give one a jolt... I can feel the anticipation of the landings right from where I'm sitting at my computer

Comments by slacker on Sat, 08/10/19 19:26

landing on it or it landing on you could prove painful

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Sun, 08/11/19 10:03

Wow, those guys are real jumpers! I have seen quite bit in our harbour but never jumping that high. Good capture but shooting at a higher speed setting would have freeze the action. Are riders allowed to be so close to the beach shores? ;-)

Comments by Dale Chadwick on Sun, 08/11/19 16:19

Yeah, I realize that now. I think this may be an area for this kind of
activity. It's a ways away from any other beaches and parking is
limited with half designated just for vehicles with trailers.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Sun, 08/11/19 22:26

Woah! Got some good ones!

Comments by Gerry Vrbensky on Sun, 08/18/19 13:45

All great action shots. My favourite is the last image where he is
coming right towards you.

Comments by les perry on Wed, 08/28/19 12:37

1/1000 at least.
more keepers if 1/1250 or 1/1600 possible

Comments by les perry on Wed, 08/28/19 12:42

Straitening the horizon will also improve matters