Normally if you saw this you would probably call for help as this guy looks like he's in a very bad situation and is about to
go over. Actually this one of the lessons you take on knowing how to right your boat should that happen. The sailing instructor
was in a motorized boat just to the right of the photo keeping a close eye just in case of problems.

Posted by Gerry Vrbensky on Tue, 08/06/19 17:47
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Comments by Gerry Vrbensky on Tue, 08/06/19 17:48

Trying to right the sailboat.

Comments by Gerry Vrbensky on Tue, 08/06/19 17:50

This is Blandford NS, and this are the sailboats used for lessons.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 08/06/19 19:14

I would have thought from your opening picture that the sailor was in real danger of tipping but your comments put the image into context and it is well that the individual was receiving instruction since much better here under supervision than out alone in the midst of a storm with no knowledge as to what a person should do. The last image finishes the series off perfectly with the summer feel and being able to cool off on the water.

Comments by S Roter on Wed, 08/07/19 11:59

Sailing dinghies are a lot of fun, I've tried both single and two man
dinghies. With the two man dinghy you can stand on the edge skimming
on the water. Good times and great memories. Thanks Gerry for posting