A juvenile bald eagle in the morning light in Staten Island NY


Posted by William Donnelly on Thu, 03/14/19 22:35
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 03/15/19 06:41

The contrast between the juvenile bald eagle and the background sky serves to make the eagle stand out strongly in the image. The vertical lines flowing out from the eagle are somewhat distractive for me... not so much visually but rather mentally as I try to figure out if the lines are related to the light you mention or have been added to create a sense of movement in the eagle. The catch light works to bring the eagle to life for me.

Comments by S Roter on Fri, 03/15/19 15:36

The upper half stands out, the contrast in the face brings out the
eye and the hooked bill, with the pale feathers in the neck. The
lower half is suffering from the low light and low shutter speed with
blurred wing and color noise. Perhaps a higher iso would have helped.
I wish I lived where you are for a while so I can see what you are

Comments by William Donnelly on Fri, 03/15/19 22:22

Shooting with a 1DX II with extender 1.4 and lens 100 - 400 I have forget to change from my
normal settings for the early morning light thus causing the motion blur