Moving Downstream

Independence Creek Feb. 19. Used an 80-400 lens. Because of the terrain I was
often unable to get to water level and composed from a higher point. Thanks for
commenting. Easterners/Canadians are understandably very tired of of a rough
winter so this photo probably isn't very appealing. Thanks for commenting if you

Posted by Jeff Dye on Wed, 02/27/19 12:15
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 02/27/19 13:23

I like the contrasting texturing of the rock formation and that of the ice and water, the clarity of detailing to be found on both rock and ice and the sense of flow that is creating by first the ice and completed by the cascading water.

We may be tired of the winter up here in Canada but one can still appreciate a well composed winter type image such as you have posted.

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Tue, 03/05/19 14:09

My favorite of the three winter "abstracts" ... Like an "Explosion of
Cold ...stone, water and ice.

Comments by slacker on Thu, 03/07/19 19:20

Downstream but far from Mainstream.