Six inches of snow in March? When will it end?

Taken as a overnight storm was leaving south central PA.

Posted by Dale Chadwick on Tue, 03/05/19 09:03
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Comments by Bruce Hunter on Tue, 03/05/19 13:42

Beautiful to look at though....But "Where are the snows of
yesteryear?".....The snows of my New England youth ? ......the 18 ,
19, 21 inch storms ?

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 03/05/19 13:45

I like this image against a black background. One could see this snowy setting in a Christmas card in the coming season.

I've said the same in Winnipeg in April only to flummoxed by snowfall that eventually ended up in one of those once in a hundred year floods that weather forecasters talk about. Hopefully winter will end soon and not just on the calendar.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Wed, 03/06/19 10:45

Could say the same thing about “ending” in So. Calif. except it’s rain. This is a well
composed winter scene. It helps that the house is in the background and not front and