Mating Season

This is from May of 2018.
Iroquois, Quebec.
A little different from my last post of the bird in May

Posted by S Roter on Sun, 02/17/19 14:50
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 02/17/19 15:15

The perspective is stunning with the ospreys standing out strongly against the quality of the cloudy sky (the birds especially the male seem to be coming right of the image for me). Wonderful detailing (especially on the underside of the male's wings).

There is something about an image such as this with the spread of the male's wings (especially the smaller feathers on the wings' tips which work to create the illusion of human fingers as if the bird was quite literally swimming through the air).

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Wed, 02/20/19 14:14

WOW ! A prize-winning shot, for sure.

Comments by Gerry Vrbensky on Thu, 02/21/19 14:06

Excellent...excellent. Perfect timing.

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Sat, 02/23/19 02:49

This one stops me each time I swing by it.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Wed, 02/27/19 23:01

A really great wing span shot. You obviously weren’t dozing waiting for something to